Finally healthy and delicious food and drinks in events and working meetings!

PlenEat offers a very healthy catering solution for business meetings and events and also for all types of family celebrations.

We offer a 100% organic gastronomic offer, which is of course local and homemade, we take a fantastic selection of coffee breaks, breakfasts and lunches to the companies, to reenergise you during business meetings, always with delicious and light food.

Cocktails are served by professional waiters and are perfect for large corporate events (Christmas parties, openings…) as well as for family celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays…

We also offer 100% vegan and vegetarian catering services!

catering reuniones trabajo pleneat

For those who value health without giving up on the best flavour. For those who want to take care on the planet. For those who believe in eenergising rural areas.
For all of you: PlenEat catering