We are 100% organic!


Tierra Limpia

Clean soil:

Our products are grown on clean land, with no trace of synthetic chemicals. Only if the land is clean, we will be able to grow ingredients which are truly free of harmful chemicals for our organism.

Organic Farmers:

We are our very own producers of a large part of the organic vegetables and fruits that make up our raw material.  Committed and passionate people also provide us with fruits, vegetables and meat. All of them – all of us are committed with about another way of producing – cleaner and more sustainable with our planet.

Agricultores y Ganaderos Eco
Alimentos Eco certificados

Certified Organic Foods:

In our kitchens there are only 100% certified organic ingredients. Also, the guarantee that we always select the best quality.

Recipes of an expert team:

At PlenEat, the recipes are based on the typical Spanish cookery book. It is been made by great chefs from the Spanish gastronomic sector with extensive experience in both traditional Spanish and alternative cuisine. Sometimes we add a touch of other international cookery books, from Morocco, Japan, India… Our specialist in Energy-giving Nutrition, Maria Kindelán, is in charge of balancing the recipes so that each menu provides the nutrients and energy required by daily activity, as well as to ensure a good digestive health.

Recetas de Mari Carmen

Food Made With Love:

Manuel works in our kitchens to make the best of PlenEat cookery book. Our commitment is to serve healthy and homemade meals with fresh seasonal ingredients. Manuel and his team make it possible every day.

We Feed the City in an Organic Way:

At PlenEat, our raison d’être lies in providing lasting well-being. This is why we bring the healthy and organic life from the countryside to the city and we do it through many different ways: corners in companies, catering, vending machines, take away food in shops and, soon, meal delivery service.

Alimentamos eco la ciudad

With 100% renewable energy

Cooking is an act of love and responsibility. For that reason, all the energy we use in our kitchen is 100% green. A clean energy that HolaLuz provides us and that we also complement with our own photovoltaic panels.

Our Commitment with Sustainability:

The consumption of organic food has a great impact on the sustainability of the planet. A great demand for organic food in the city makes the need to produce organic in rural areas – fixing rural population in the countryside, cleaning the fields, recovering the potability of aquifers, etc. We will have a healthier society and a cleaner planet thanks to the organic industry. An organic win-win.